We are serious about reducing the environmental impact of our event, we do this in a variety of ways that you may encounter while enjoying Stage 88 2012

Recycling System

You will notice each drink you purchase will have a $1 container deposit charged on it. This will be refunded to you when you take it back to the recycling station along side of the bar.

The recycling process at Stage 88 is simple:

  • $1 container deposit will be placed on all beverage products sold at Stage 88
  • When you finish your drink take the container back to one of the recycling stations located at the bars
  • You will receive a $1 bar token for each container you bring back to the recycling station
  • A maximum return of 10 drink containers is permitted per trip to the recycling station.

There will be two types of bins on the event site, Recycling and General Waste both marked clearly with examples of what is appropriate for each bin. Please separate all of your non-recyclable waste into the general waste bin so the recycling is not contaminated.

Remember there are no concerts on a dead planet! Think of the kids and please do the right thing with your waste at Stage 88, in the office and at home. Help us recycle and reuse as much event generated waste as possible.

The world has limited resources. We are taking steps to reduce the wastage our eventcreates.

Why do we do all this environmental stuff??

We understand the earth has limited resources and the global population is using them way too fast. We want to be able to use this amazing concert location long into the future and we want the trees around it to be alive!

We want everyone who comes to Stage 88 to leave thinking about how they can reduce their day-to-day environmental impact in their everyday life at home and at work.

The glaciers are melting and the forests are disappearing. Lets all do something to fix it NOW!